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    The electron image is periodically deflected horizontally and vertically ("raster scanning") such that the entire image is read by the detector many times per second, producing an electrical signal that can be conveyed to a display device, such as a CRT monitor, to reproduce the image.An iconoscope is a camera tube that projects an image on a special "charge storage" plate containing a mosaic of electrically isolated photosensitive granules separated from a common plate by a thin layer of isolating material, somewhat analogous to the human eye's retina and its arrangement of photoreceptors.These are usually seen as display devices as used in television receivers and computer displays.The camera pickup tubes described in this article are also CRTs, but they display no image.Campbell-Swinton later expanded on his vision in a presidential address given to the Röntgen Society in November 1911. Both teams succeeded in transmitting "very faint" images with the original Campbell-Swinton's selenium-coated plate, but much better images were obtained when the metal plate was covered with zinc sulphide or selenide, These experiments are the base of the future vidicon.The photoelectric screen in the proposed transmitting device was a mosaic of isolated rubidium cubes. A description of a CRT imaging device also appeared in a patent application filed by Edvard-Gustav Schoultz in France in August 1921, and published in 1922, An image dissector is a camera tube that creates an "electron image" of a scene from photocathode emissions (electrons) which pass through a scanning aperture to an anode, which serves as an electron detector.

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    In 1932, the EMI engineers Tedham and Mc Gee under the supervision of Isaac Shoenberg applied for a patent for a new device they dubbed the "Emitron".

    The size of the striking ray was tiny compared to the size of the target, allowing 483 horizontal scan lines per image in the NTSC format, or 576 lines in PAL.

    Any vacuum tube which operates using a focused beam of electrons, "cathode rays," is known as a cathode ray tube (CRT).

    This is because secondary electrons released from the mosaic of the charge storage plate when the scanning beam sweeps across it may be attracted back to the positively charged mosaic, thus neutralizing many of the stored charges.

    The new video camera tube developed by Lubszynski, Rodda and Mc Gee in 1934 was dubbed "the super-Emitron".

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