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    Novel applications of multiple nuclides with different half-lives are also being developed for determining ages of timing and amounts of soil erosion in the past, with potential applications to archaeological settings (see below).

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    Animalic chypre done correctly, both spicy and elegant. بالوما بيكاسو كنت متألقاً اليوم وغداً سأتألق بك انا .. عزيزي القارئ هذه العطور تحتاج الى ذائقة متعمقة في هذا العالم ربما لا تعجبك في المرة الاولى او عند اختبارها لكن تاكد ان رائحها بالهواء جميلةٌ جداً و مميزة خصوصا بعد تفاعلها مع البشرة Fizzy, indolic chypre in the opening/fresh laundry in the dry down. ) that contrasts pleasingly with the classic oakmoss/ vetiver/ animalic notes. The rose becomes more prominent in the dry down, when it loses it's animalic character and becomes more like clean laundry on an early summer day. Despite that, this is not overly woody at all for me. I do love and appreciate this, but this is definitely one I have to be in the mood for and be 'ready' for. It may not be as over-powering as what I remember it to be.I've worn this a few times over the past few months when a friend gave me a vintage mini - I get it. I don't know what the reformulation smells like and I don't know if I want to... A familiar construction of 1970's/80's green powerhouses - it's like a combination of EL's Knowing and White Linen. Strong compared to modern fragrances but if you're interested in dipping your toes into classic fragrances this is a good place to start; it's a bit lighter than it's contemporaries, especially during the dry down. But I kind of think this is sort of like broccoli or brussel sprouts...meaning that this is an acquired taste/smell, that people seem to either love or hate. I owned a small bottle in the early 90s and could never pull off wearing it.Definitely attracts attention and stands out in a crowd. Neither light nor heavy, I believe "uncapturable" could be the word to describe it. Buy it I've seen this perfume over the years on counters, but was never drawn to try it. Is a beautiful parfum very nice I feel like artist writer or fashion designer and very sophisticated lady when I wear this parfum.Almost impossible to detect separate notes apart from strong animalistic nuances. Tonight I took a risk and bought a bottle, untested. Sophisticated, which the bottle design envokes (and why I was not drawn in my youth) and complex. The bottle is so different from any of the parfum bottles I know. When I spray the parfum on my wrists and neck I smell the lemon and ylang ylang neroli or orange flower fresh and like the No 5 with aldehyde so very sparkling and delicious like a champagne at a party. Smell like a very feminine woman confident sexy and smart.Neither of these actions were done with malice - the fragrance is meant to build a person up and give them a sense of purpose. I can see how some might find this sexy or alluring.Sparkling jewels, a black business suit and classic Spanish make up. Now I came back to PP and I get only power, without grace. But it is still unique, so I am wearing it in very small doses. كنت اقف اليوم بجانب احد اصدقائي المولعين بالعطور و اذا بسلاجٍ رائع من مسك الزباد يفوح منه .. As this dries down, I pick up almost a soapy note at times, but pretty much stays oakmoss and vetiver heavy for me. I would not wear this to the office nor anywhere I would be in really close quarters with people for any length of time. I can see someone with a really sensitive nose, allergies, asthma, etc, having a horrible attack around this, so I would definitely use this sparingly (or possibly forgo this totally)..especially if you do not know "who" you will be around. I revisited the recent formulation of Paloma Picasso and it is gorgeous and sexy.Online shops offers: Fragrance 6 items for 19.49 - 42.24 USDExpress Chemist 1 product for 21.00 2 items for 24.99 - 73.00 GBPEscentual 2 items for 26.50 - 62.05 GBPThe Perfume Shop 2 items for 26.50 - 39.99 GBPPerfume Click 3 items for 30.30 - 42.25 uk 4 items for 32.19 - 52.95 GBPGalaxy Perfume 5 items for 33.69 - 52.83 GBPFragrance UK 4 items for 34.32 - 43.93 2 items for 39.95 - 53.50 GBPFragrance 4 items for 44.99 - 57.59 1 product for 46.00 GBPLloydspharmacy 1 product for 46.00 GBPView products...

    I feel a smug satisfaction when I compare this to the old boss. What I love most about this perfume is that it smells different depending on the day, weather and who knows how many other factors! It's a love or hate relationship I think, and one to use sparingly. It is definitely sexy, the reaction of my husband was immediate. Classic chypre, rich, floral, not sweet, rather bitter. Have to tell a story to explain my attitude to this fragrance. One girl exuded an amazing smell around her, and I almost immediately recognized the Gorgeous Madam - Paloma. I wanted to escape but there was no room on that bus to separate yourself from the power of Paloma.

    One of the perfumes I've owned that took on a larger than life personality.

    I recently emptied my bottle but I'm sure I will buy another at some point.

    I will wear Paloma again in the future, it is such an animalistic, spicy rose and oakmoss potion that nothing else can really take its place. Sometimes the spicy notes are most apparent, other times it's mostly woods and earth but it's never unpleasant. You need bags of confidence to wear this properly, this one is no shrinking violet! Very elegant in a classic style , feminine and sexy perfume! The moment I applied Paloma Picasso (EDP) and went to get my husbands opinion, he responded with very passionate approval indeed. Anyway, that's the kind of response this classic, potent elixir can cause as the direct result of simply wearing a small amount of it (I like to spray the air close by and move under the settling mist). For the next 10 minutes I was under the spell of this extraordinary fragrance. I couldn't leave the bus so I had to remain in the olfactory captivity.

    Too recently though, it unfortunately became the olfactory soundtrack to go-nowhere online dates. I love this scent for all of its garish in-your-faceness but mostly for the complexity of notes and the fact that it's so different from the citrus/vanilla/fruit obsession that is modern fragrance. It is sexy, sultry and alluring but also surprising. This fits perfectly under the description of "they don't make them like this anymore". Unfortunately, something in the formulation gives me a persistent headache that doesn't go away until I've completely removed this gorgeous scent. After 10 minutes I felt like I needed to depart from the spell and continue with my life: enough of admiring, let me write a few emails now. "Admire me, think of me and don't put anything above me or next to me as I am the Queen." You are the queen, I was thinking while finally getting off the bus, but I'm so happy I'm finally away from you. If Jolie Madame is a dominatrix, Paloma Picasso is her more experienced cougar mother. Sophisticated, yet dirty, with just enough pretty to be worn by an elegant woman.

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      “That big investment gives victims a false sense that the relationship must be real.” Eventually a pitch for money comes.

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